Lees Verder

Holidayjam Reunion 8 juni

08-07-2019, 23.00-05.00

Winkel van Sinkel

Lees Verder

Bluetiek-In Reunion 10YRS anniv.

15-06-2019, 22.30-04.00

Hal 4 Rotterdam

Lees Verder


07-07-2019, 14.00-22.30 HRS


Nieuw en uniek concept Sundays

Nieuw en uniek concept Sundays

SUNDAYS an unique and exclusive partyconcept. A blend of different music styles, different dance styles and live music.

Where talent meets fashion and fashion is dancing! With no limitations or strings attached, feel how you wanna feel, dance like the world is yours and sing like a superstar. 

Here music will not only be played, but it will be experienced!

SUNDAYS is a mixture of three events merged into one, spread over 3 area's!

Let's Jam
a complete night out! An Open-mic/Jam with live musicians, famous singers, upcoming talents and DJ's. Do you want to show your talent? Everybody, can join in and everybody can come and watch, hear and support these artists.

Urban Groupies,
a brand new, original partyconcept, based on todays preferences and wishes but served in an unique way. With the best DJ's and MC's. 
Urban Groupies is going to be exclusive and will let everybody be him or herself in a "feel good" partyvibe. Here R&B meets Hip Hop, Pop, Latin and Urban Classics.

Swing Kizomba,
is a young and fresh partyconcept. Kizomba now a days is the upcoming music style at various clubs and parties. Combined with the sexy, steamy and hot dance moves it 's not only great to dance but also to watch. Kizomba has become one of the most influencial styles making a party sensual. We give you the oppertunity to follow two great workshops and dance on the tones of the best DJ's.

your Sundays will never be the same @ SUNDAYS
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