Lees Verder

Holidayjam Reunion

09-02-2019, 23.00-05.00

winkel van sinkel

Lees Verder

Bluetiek-In 19 jan

19-01-2018, 22.30-04.00

Hal 4 Rotterdam

Lees Verder

Brasadey Mundial

25-11-2018, 13.00-22.30

Event Plaza Rijswijk



Carte Blanche is the best “moment for life” weekend experience in The Netherlands. 

Friday th 7th of March 2014 the 40 Femme Fatale models will open the doors especially for you! 
This event will inspire you in a way u can’t describe in words, entertainment beyond your nicest expectations, and experiences from your wildest dreams.

Carte Blanche brings you beauty, charm, allure and the freedom to create and celebrate without restrictions.
The 40 Femme Fatale models will "handpick" a select group of special people for this private "INVITES ONLY" event.
We will ensure u an ambiance that is filled with R&B, Salsa, House & Eclectic features. 
And as all great events, our Redcarpet entrance is also created with a professional Photocorner for professional pictures.

"you want to be a part of this experience?" sign up at Carte Blanche on facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/180168915516131/?ref=ts&fref=ts
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